• Business Module

    Stage 1:    Closeout Stock

    The process Begins with, Our Buyers travel all over the world seeking closeout jewelry from Bank corrupt Jewelers, Liquidators, and also returns to the traders and manufacturers from big departmental stores. As jewelry liquidators and manufactures, we carry the latest trendy closeout jewelry pieces that our customers want to buy, quality closeout jewelry for low price.

    Stage 2:    Gemologist inspection

    At the second stage -- whole stock is divided in two parts,
    • Sellable Jewelry
    • Non-sellable Jewelry (For Melting)
    We are certified by renowned organizations. The Sellable Jewelry is submitted to the diamond gemologist inspection process where they are examined by a minimum of four highly trained and experienced diamond graders and gemologists. At each subsequent grading step, the Jewelry is independently examined by a more senior staff member. It is rest assured that the quality of the Gems and Diamonds are maintained.

    Stage 3:    Highly trained craftsmen and efficient workforce

    We have a well trained craftsmen and efficient workforce with emphasis on performance considering the high quality standards observed and maintained by us in the whole process. This is where even the minute deviations from the quality standards are worked upon by various processes like filing polishing and setting. The use of latest tools and technology is made while working on the fine diamond jewellery. Final stage of the process is the quality control, but it is used on every stage of the process as the jewellery has to meet the standards set. The quality checking is done considering criteria like filing defects, soldering defects, any changes in the color due to soldering, air bubbles found on the piece, any minor cracks or marks on the piece, any changes to be made to the prong are looked into. The jewellery pieces are further titivated by polishing and texturing bringing out the best of the jewellery item.

    Stage 4:    Finished Fine Diamond Jewellery

    The outcome of the above process is fine diamond jewellery pieces made available at BEST PRICE which is discounted and are even lower than the wholesale price. Considering the quality standards maintained by us no matter what closeout jewelry you purchase from us you can be confident in what you are selling to your client. Buying our closeout jewelry in bulk keeps prices low for you and provides you a wide selection of closeout jewellery that you will want to offer your clients. Lower Prices equate too greater purchasing power and more sales resulting in larger profits and an increased bottom line for your business. These closeout deals do not last long, so make sure you take advantage of them while you can…!